De wellness badkamer.

Wil je elke dag kunnen ontspannen? Maak dan van jouw badkamer een wellness badkamer! In deze blog geven we tips over hoe je jouw badkamer kunt omtoveren tot een wellness badkamer. Een wellness badkamer heeft als kenmerken ontspanning en rust creëren, om zo de stress van het dagelijks leven af en toe even los te

How Covid-19 Taught the World a Valuable Lesson

Hong Kong scientists did a genome sequencing on the individual and established reinfection, exposing that in the first instance he was contaminated with the prevalent Asian stress of SARS-CoV-2 and in the next he was contaminated with an alternative stain, the Western form which was probably as a result of second wave being skilled in

The Psychological and Physical Implications of Covid-19 in Healthcare Organizations

New analysis of key vaccinesPhysician J. Bart Classen printed an incredibly important analysis. He analyzed scientific trial data from all three of the important vaccine manufacturers and discovered their vaccines trigger more harm than good. Here are highlights from his article.Knowledge were “reanalyzed using ‘all trigger extreme morbidity,’ a scientific measure of wellness, as the